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Aaron Huber, a writer, comedian, and NFT enthusiast, shares his journey from comedy to NFTs, his love for writing short fiction and poetry, and his experiences in the NFT space. He also discusses his personal life, favorite books, superheroes, and mythological characters, as well as his insights on happiness and taking life less seriously. The conversation covers the journey of NFTs, emotional resilience, investment advice, non-fungible fiction, and personal aspirations. It delves into the challenges and triumphs of NFT artists, the importance of emotional detachment, and the potential of NFTs as a digital revolution for artists. The discussion also explores the selection of NFT projects, legal considerations, and the significance of community in the NFT space.In this episode of Rocklaz Radio, Tanmay Shah and Laura Grinbarga discuss books and podcasts they have read and listened to. They share their favorite podcasts, such as Akimbo and Freakonomics, and talk about the benefits of reading digitally and listening to audiobooks. They recommend books like The Artist’s Way, Big Magic, and The War of Art for creative inspiration. They also discuss the importance of finding the right time to read and making notes while reading. The conversation touches on spirituality in art and the impact of books like The Alchemist and Siddhartha. They also mention books on negotiation and personal development, such as Think and Grow Rich and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The conversation covered a wide range of topics, including book recommendations, favorite genres, and spiritual and philosophical discussions. Some of the recommended books include ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, ‘The Warrior’s Apprentice’ by Lois McMaster Bujold, ‘The Silver Metal Lover’ by Tanith Lee, ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Bhagavad Gita’ by Shri Shri Ravishankar, and ‘Business Sutras’ by Devdutt Patnayak. The conversation also touched on the importance of finding balance and substance in the content we consume.


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00:00 Introduction to Aaron Huber: A Multifaceted Talent
02:40 The Transition from Comedy to NFTs
04:01 Exploring Short Fiction and Poetry in the NFT Space
05:38 Superheroes, Mythology, and Personal Favorites
31:14 Navigating the NFT Journey: Triumphs and Challenges
40:28 Investing in NFT Projects: Considerations and Insights
49:55 Non-Fungible Fiction: A New Literary Frontier in NFTs
57:16 Personal Aspirations and the Bucket List



• Aaron’s transition from comedy to NFTs and his passion for writing short fiction and poetry.
• Insights into Aaron’s personal life, favorite books, superheroes, and mythological characters.
• Aaron’s perspective on happiness and taking life less seriously. The NFT space presents both triumphs and challenges for artists, requiring emotional resilience and detachment from fleeting emotions.
• Investing in NFT projects requires careful consideration of utility and sustainability, with a focus on understanding the collector mindset.
• Non-fungible fiction introduces a unique literary form specific to NFTs, offering collectors a personalized literary experience.
• The NFT space emphasizes the importance of community, authenticity, and learning, with a focus on artist empowerment and potential for a digital revolution.
• Personal aspirations and bucket list items reflect a desire for creative expression, travel, and a sense of fulfillment in life.


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