#12 Ray Youssef- Bitcoin, Fintech, Social development.

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Ray Youssef, CEO of Paxful, discusses the mission of Paxful, the impact of Bitcoin, and the initiatives to empower communities through education and access to clean water. He shares insights on the challenges and opportunities in the emerging world, emphasizing the importance of empathy, education, and community building. Ray’s personal journey and experiences shape his mission-driven approach to business and humanitarian efforts. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including the nature of money, human prosperity, the battle for the human mind, the future of money with crypto and DeFi, the impact of digitalization on human connection, lifestyle, spirituality, and personal routines. The speaker shares insights on books, podcasts, and travel experiences, as well as his love for boxing and MMA. The conversation covers a wide range of topics including personal interests, bucket list items, the role of science, life during the pandemic, NFTs, and advice on crypto and Bitcoin. The speaker shares insights on personal regrets, the impact of regulations on Bitcoin, and the challenges of KYC in the global south. The conversation also delves into the speaker’s future startup plans and advice for listeners in India.In this episode of Rocklaz Radio, Tanmay Shah and Laura Grinbarga discuss books and podcasts they have read and listened to. They share their favorite podcasts, such as Akimbo and Freakonomics, and talk about the benefits of reading digitally and listening to audiobooks. They recommend books like The Artist’s Way, Big Magic, and The War of Art for creative inspiration. They also discuss the importance of finding the right time to read and making notes while reading. The conversation touches on spirituality in art and the impact of books like The Alchemist and Siddhartha. They also mention books on negotiation and personal development, such as Think and Grow Rich and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The conversation covered a wide range of topics, including book recommendations, favorite genres, and spiritual and philosophical discussions. Some of the recommended books include ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, ‘The Warrior’s Apprentice’ by Lois McMaster Bujold, ‘The Silver Metal Lover’ by Tanith Lee, ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Bhagavad Gita’ by Shri Shri Ravishankar, and ‘Business Sutras’ by Devdutt Patnayak. The conversation also touched on the importance of finding balance and substance in the content we consume.


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00:00 The Mission of Paxful: Financial Freedom and Equal Access to Finance
11:59 Empowering Communities with Bitcoin and Education
35:42 The Nature of Money and Human Prosperity
40:38 The Future of Money: Crypto and DeFi
46:54 Digitalization and Its Impact on Human Connection
49:31 Lifestyle, Spirituality, and Personal Routines
58:04 Books, Podcasts, and Travel Experiences
01:08:57 Love for Boxing and MMA
01:09:59 Exploring Personal Interests and Bucket List
01:12:02 The Role of Science and Fantastical Dreams
01:14:22 Life During the Pandemic and Personal Growth
01:16:17 Insights on NFTs and Crypto Advice
01:27:28 Challenges of Regulations and KYC in the Global South



• Bitcoin’s mission is to provide financial freedom and empower communities by offering equal access to finance.
• Paxful focuses on real use cases such as remittance, payments, and commerce in the emerging world, with a strong emphasis on education and community building.
• Empathy, education, and boots-on-the-ground approach are essential for understanding and addressing the needs of people in the emerging world.
• Ray Youssef’s personal experiences and values drive his mission-driven approach to business and humanitarian efforts, emphasizing the importance of making a positive impact on individual lives.
• The impact of Bitcoin and initiatives like ‘Build with Bitcoin’ demonstrate the potential to uplift communities and create sustainable solutions for education and access to clean water. Money is the work of humans, encapsulating human labor to transcend time and space.
• The default state of humanity is prosperity, wealth, and abundance, and understanding this can change one’s perspective.
• The battle for the human mind involves two narratives: one of insignificance and one of creativity and abundance.
• The future of money is being shaped by crypto and DeFi, offering solutions to the limitations of traditional banking systems.
• Digitalization has both positive and negative impacts on human connection and lifestyle.
• Spirituality and personal routines play a significant role in the speaker’s life, influencing his perspective and actions.
• The speaker’s love for boxing and MMA reflects his appreciation for sports that test the soul and settle something within.
• The speaker’s travel experiences have been diverse, with a desire to explore more countries and cultures.
• The speaker’s reading habits and interest in podcasts reflect his deep curiosity and quest for knowledge. The speaker shares personal interests including favorite foods and bucket list items such as interacting with apex predators and building schools.
• The role of science is discussed, with the speaker expressing a desire to bring back natural philosophy and make fantastical dreams of humanity a reality.
• The speaker reflects on life during the pandemic, highlighting personal growth, the importance of protecting one’s energy, and the impact of cutting off negative influences.
• Insights on NFTs and advice on crypto and Bitcoin are shared, emphasizing the significance of Bitcoin and cautioning against speculative investments.
• Challenges related to regulations and KYC in the global south are highlighted, with a call for better identity verification systems tailored to local contexts.


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