#24 Laurence Fuller- Actor, writer, Poet, NFT artist, at Rocklaz Radio with Tanmay Shah

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Lawrence Fuller, a British actor, discusses his journey, influences, and work in the film industry. He shares insights on art, poetry, and the evolution of storytelling. The conversation delves into his experience in Christian movies, his approach to script selection, and his interest in comedy. He also demonstrates the expression of a statement with different emotions. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including the interpretation of poetry, the art of acting, emotional expression, the impact of fame, Indian cinema, family connections, and favorite films and TV series. The discussion also delves into the portrayal of historical figures, the significance of art, and the challenges of mastering different accents. The conversation covers a wide range of topics including art, NFTs, music, and the creative process. Lawrence discusses his collaboration with Heinrich L. Dahlin, the environmental factors influencing his choice of blockchain, and the process of creating NFTs. He also shares insights on the NFT space, the impact of music on visual art, and the importance of living passionately.In this episode of Rocklaz Radio, Tanmay Shah and Laura Grinbarga discuss books and podcasts they have read and listened to. They share their favorite podcasts, such as Akimbo and Freakonomics, and talk about the benefits of reading digitally and listening to audiobooks. They recommend books like The Artist’s Way, Big Magic, and The War of Art for creative inspiration. They also discuss the importance of finding the right time to read and making notes while reading. The conversation touches on spirituality in art and the impact of books like The Alchemist and Siddhartha. They also mention books on negotiation and personal development, such as Think and Grow Rich and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The conversation covered a wide range of topics, including book recommendations, favorite genres, and spiritual and philosophical discussions. Some of the recommended books include ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, ‘The Warrior’s Apprentice’ by Lois McMaster Bujold, ‘The Silver Metal Lover’ by Tanith Lee, ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Bhagavad Gita’ by Shri Shri Ravishankar, and ‘Business Sutras’ by Devdutt Patnayak. The conversation also touched on the importance of finding balance and substance in the content we consume.


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00:00 Exploring the Art of Storytelling and Acting
11:38 The Evolution of Religion and Culture in Film
38:58 Innovative Approaches to NFT Creation
40:25 Interpreting Poetry and Imagining Scenarios
43:16 The Art of Acting and Emotional Expression
49:12 Fame, Professionalism, and Personal Expression
52:07 The Influence of Indian Cinema and Family Connections
53:02 Portraying Historical Figures and the Significance of Art
01:19:32 Mastering Different Accents and the Challenges of Acting
01:21:19 Exploring Cultural Influences and Artistic Expression
01:22:13 Collaboration with Heinrich L. Dahlin and Artistic Mastery
01:23:55 Environmental Factors and Blockchain Choice for NFTs
01:26:15 Creating NFTs: Digital Adaptations and Immersive Experiences
01:31:18 The Art of Storytelling: Screenplay and Legacy
01:35:11 Film Distribution and Artistic Expression
01:36:30 The Impact of Music on Visual Art and Film Distribution Platforms
01:39:13 The Art of Ending Films and Visual Art with Music
01:41:57 Adding Music to Visual Art: A Creative Process
01:59:01 Exploring Soundscapes and New Musical Elements in Visual Art
02:01:41 Living Passionately: Pursuing Creative Vision



• Lawrence Fuller’s journey as an actor was influenced by his late father, an art critic, and his love for cinema and imagination.
• His training in classical theater and contemporary acting techniques has shaped his approach to acting and storytelling.
• Lawrence’s experience in Christian movies has provided him with a unique perspective on the evolution of religion, culture, and storytelling.
• His interest in comedy and diverse emotional expressions reflects his versatility as an actor and his appreciation for the craft of acting.
• The combination of art, poetry, and digital techniques in NFT creation showcases Lawrence’s innovative approach to storytelling and visual art. Interpreting poetry involves understanding the context and imagining the scenario behind the words.
• Acting requires the ability to tap into vulnerable emotions and create a compelling story.
• Emotional expression, especially crying, is a challenging aspect of acting, and the ability to relax and focus is crucial.
• Fame comes with a responsibility to maintain professionalism and avoid drama, while also allowing for personal expression through social media.
• Indian cinema is diverse and influential, with a rich history and cultural impact.
• Family connections, especially with artists and actors, can shape one’s artistic journey and provide unique insights.
• The portrayal of historical figures in film and TV requires in-depth research and a deep understanding of the character.
• Mastering different accents is a challenging but essential skill for actors, requiring study and practice. Collaboration with Heinrich L. Dahlin on a large art collection
• Environmental factors influencing blockchain choice for NFTs
• The process of creating NFTs and the impact of music on visual art
• The NFT space as a meritocracy for artists
• The importance of living passionately and doing what you love


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