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The conversation covers a wide range of topics related to NFTs, SuperRare magazine, curation, the future of Web3, and the impact of the bear market on NFTs and the Web3 industry. Virginia Valenzuela shares insights on the role of SuperRare in educating people about crypto and NFTs, the curation process, the potential of NFTs in revolutionizing art and culture, and the future of Web3. She also discusses the impact of the bear market on NFTs and the need for companies to reorganize their priorities. The conversation covers a wide range of topics related to crypto, NFTs, art, technology, and societal impact. It delves into the value of art, the impact of NFTs on artists and collectors, the role of AI in creativity, the evolution of web technologies, and the potential for a more equitable society through technology and social spending. Vinny discusses the impact of Web3 on education, government, and the crypto movement. He emphasizes the need for reform in education and the importance of addressing class-based marginalization. Vinny also shares insights on NFTs, art, and his upcoming novel.In this episode of Rocklaz Radio, Tanmay Shah and Laura Grinbarga discuss books and podcasts they have read and listened to. They share their favorite podcasts, such as Akimbo and Freakonomics, and talk about the benefits of reading digitally and listening to audiobooks. They recommend books like The Artist’s Way, Big Magic, and The War of Art for creative inspiration. They also discuss the importance of finding the right time to read and making notes while reading. The conversation touches on spirituality in art and the impact of books like The Alchemist and Siddhartha. They also mention books on negotiation and personal development, such as Think and Grow Rich and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The conversation covered a wide range of topics, including book recommendations, favorite genres, and spiritual and philosophical discussions. Some of the recommended books include ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, ‘The Warrior’s Apprentice’ by Lois McMaster Bujold, ‘The Silver Metal Lover’ by Tanith Lee, ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Bhagavad Gita’ by Shri Shri Ravishankar, and ‘Business Sutras’ by Devdutt Patnayak. The conversation also touched on the importance of finding balance and substance in the content we consume.


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00:02:38 Life story of Virginia
00:04:34 Main focus of Super Rare Magazine
00:07:22 How do artists get on Super Rare? *
00:12:12 Strategy for Applying to Super Rare
00:28:28 What excites you about Web3?
00:47:10 NFT NYC: We are all not going to make it.…
00:50:15 Web1, Web2, Web3, what about Web4?
00:56:16 What is community?
01:03:43 Making best use of IRL Meetups and Events
01:07:25 Onbarding Non-Crypto Natives to NFTs. And How we joined NFTs.
01:13:26 What does art do for society?
01:26:51 Government and policies regarding Social issues, Education, etc, and relation to Web3
01:34:51 Insights from a Journalist
01:38:08 How to do your own research? (DYOR) **
01:42:20 How can 1/1 artist sell their work?
01:45:24 More about Vinni’s upcoming novel
01:48:35 Rapid fire



• SuperRare magazine’s role in educating people about crypto and NFTs
• The curation process at SuperRare and the criteria for selecting artists
• The potential of NFTs in revolutionizing art and culture
• The impact of the bear market on NFTs and the Web3 industry
• The need for companies to reorganize their priorities and focus on product development The value of art extends beyond monetary value and plays a crucial role in human communication and connection.
• NFTs have the potential to provide value to both artists and collectors, creating a new paradigm for art ownership and appreciation.
• The integration of AI with human creativity in Web4 could lead to new possibilities in art, music, and film creation.
• The conversation highlights the potential for a more equitable society through technology, social spending, and universal basic income, allowing for greater creativity and fulfillment for individuals.
• The impact of NFTs on the art world and the potential for a shift in societal values and perceptions of digital art. Web3’s potential to revolutionize education and address the cost of education
• The need for education reform to create a level playing field for all students
• The impact of NFTs on art and the potential for creative expression
• The importance of addressing class-based marginalization and social causes
• The intersection of Web3, government, and the crypto movement in shaping the future


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