#61 The Kiss by Gustav Klimt & 300 y.o. European Museum: Wolfgang of @belvederemuseum

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In this episode of Rocklaz Radio, Tanmay Shah and Laura Grinbarga discuss books and podcasts they have read and listened to. They share their favorite podcasts, such as Akimbo and Freakonomics, and talk about the benefits of reading digitally and listening to audiobooks. They recommend books like The Artist’s Way, Big Magic, and The War of Art for creative inspiration. They also discuss the importance of finding the right time to read and making notes while reading. The conversation touches on spirituality in art and the impact of books like The Alchemist and Siddhartha. They also mention books on negotiation and personal development, such as Think and Grow Rich and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The conversation covered a wide range of topics, including book recommendations, favorite genres, and spiritual and philosophical discussions. Some of the recommended books include ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, ‘The Warrior’s Apprentice’ by Lois McMaster Bujold, ‘The Silver Metal Lover’ by Tanith Lee, ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Bhagavad Gita’ by Shri Shri Ravishankar, and ‘Business Sutras’ by Devdutt Patnayak. The conversation also touched on the importance of finding balance and substance in the content we consume.


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00:00:00 – Intro
00:04:52 – Museum that Matters: An Overview
00:07:42 – Belvedere Museum’s experience with NFTs and Digital Art.
00:14:55 – Wolfgang’s Journey with the Museum
00:20:42 – Exploring the Meaning of Art
00:22:46 – The Impact of Art on Society
00:23:43 – The Evolution of Art
00:30:55 – Unveiling Belvedere Museum’s Income Sources
00:38:27 – What Sets Belvedere Apart from Other Museums?
00:41:39 – Visual Tour: Discover the Wonders of Belvedere Museum
00:44:43 – World War II: A Nazi Background and the Triumph of Freedom
00:52:59 – Art Scene in Vienna: How do Artists Flourish?
01:00:26 – Theology, Religion, and Spirituality: Differences
01:06:53 – What Questions did you Deal with in your study of Theology?
01:14:04 – Austrian History & Culture: Unveiling Richness
01:19:34 – Austrian Cuisine: Exploring Local Delicacies
01:23:34 – 3 People You’d Have Lunch With?
01:25:49 – Question for Jesus Christ?
01:29:59 – Tanmay’s question about Christianity
01:32:54 – What’s on your Bucket List Next?
01:36:52 – Advice for Your Younger Self
01:42:08 – Reimagining a Castle: If You Were Prince Eugene
01:44:57 – What are you Curious about?
01:47:35 – Parting Words.
01:48:55 – Views on the Metaverse?



• The Belvedere Museum Palace in Vienna, Austria is celebrating its 300th anniversary and has a collection of artworks by Austrian artists, including Gustav Klimt.
• The museum has embraced the world of NFTs and has had great success with its NFT project, selling over 2500 NFTs and generating $5 million in revenue.
• Managing a 300-year-old palace comes with challenges, including the need for constant restoration and maintenance.
• Digitalization plays a crucial role in reaching a wider audience, and the museum offers digital tools and online access to its collection.
• NFT holders of the museum’s NFT project receive special benefits, such as free entrance to the museum and invitations to exclusive events. The museum was closed during World War II and the building was damaged. There was a dark period in the museum’s history when the director collaborated with the Nazi regime, but he also conserved the collection.
• The museum collaborates with emerging artists and showcases contemporary art in a separate modern palace called Belvedere 21.
• The guest studied theology and believes that religion should bring freedom and healing, but it can also be a source of conflict when it becomes an institution.
• The guest emphasizes the importance of relationships and investing in them, and believes that life is about finding meaning and working on the questions that arise.
• Austrians are proud of their culture, music, and landscape. They have a strong tradition of winter sports and celebrate events like Oktoberfest.
• The best time to visit Vienna and the museum is in the spring between May and June.
• The guest would like to have lunch with Jesus, Mozart, and Sigmund Freud. Follow your interests and passions in life, rather than focusing solely on job prospects or financial gain.
• The interpretation of religious figures and their intentions can vary, and it’s important to question and explore these interpretations.
• The future holds great potential for technological advancements, such as AI, that can solve many of the world’s problems if used responsibly.
• Supporting charitable causes, such as organizations like Caritas, can make a positive impact on society.
• The role of museums in the Metaverse is an evolving concept that requires innovative thinking and collaboration.
• Love and connection with others are priceless gifts that bring meaning and fulfillment to life.


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