How This Student Became a Ruby Coach and Bought a Home | Empowering Women Rugby


  • 00:00 Introduction and Organic Milk
  • 02:43 Understanding Organic Milk
  • 04:57 Sustainable Farming Practices
  • 08:11 The Genesis of Akshay Kalpa 10:12
  • The Entrepreneurship Angle 13:13
  • The Significance of Cows in Indian Culture
  • 14:57 Importance of Soil Health
  • 17:18 Addressing Veganism and Milk Consumption
  • 21:22 The Importance of Cow Breeds
  • 23:54 A2 Milk and Akshay Kalpa Branding
  • 24:57 Organic Farming and Certification
  • 26:56 The Meaning of Akshay Kalpa
  • 27:50 Akshay Kalpa Products


Sarah Johnes

Art Director

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